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The name Shunishin means Shu = child, Ni = small, Shin = needle, the guiding principle of the method is that when treating infants and children do not scare or hurt in treatment. Shunishin is a friendly treatment that does not use standard acupuncture needles. The usual needles are replaced by small, delicate tools that by light contact, rubbing or patting stimulate the meridians and acupuncture points. In ancient Chinese literature these tools are mentioned as non-invasive needles.

Chinese medicine holds that the energy of life (qi) flows in fixed channels along the length and breadth of the body - these channels are called meridians. If the flow of energy in these meridians is free then the body is healthy, but when there is a state of overload or lack of energy an imbalance is created in the body and it is expressed either in an unpleasant feeling, or in pain to the point of illness.

Shunishin, in that it is similar to other treatment methods in complementary medicine, works to restore the body to the lost balance and thus heal it and in an effort to prevent it from returning to a similar state.

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The name Shunishin means Shu = child, Ni = small, Shin = needle.

What makes a therapist with this method qualified?

A therapist who studied full-time in one of the schools recognized by the trade unions, met all the requirements and received a certified therapist certificate from that school.

Which schools are recognized as professional in this method?

The schools recognized by the local trade unions, for details of the names of the schools by country it is advisable to enter schools page.

Who are the therapists who advertise on Treat Me?

On Treat Me their are only qualified therapist from the recognized schools, who have accumulated 3 years of therapeutic experience, with good recommendations from patients, who are committed to maintaining annual professional competence to be up to date and provide you with the most professional care. When entering the therapist's clinic, you can immediately see the therapist's years of experience and decide who to choose.

How will I know to choose the right ones for me?

This is a good question, in Treat Me we save you the effort of the initial examination of professionalism. Each therapist's clinic concentrates all the details we found in studies that are relevant to the matching between therapist and patient. You should go to the clinic to read and be impressed, there are also verified recommendations of real patients. In the end, only you know best who is right for you.

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